18" Deluxe Log Set to Convert A Standard Fireplace to Gel Fuel

18" Deluxe Log Set to Convert A Standard Fireplace to Gel Fuel
Item# 2610

Product Description

Convert your existing gas or wood-burning fireplace into a Real Flame gel fuel fireplace and never worry about hauling wood, messy ashes or soot again. The multi-piece realistic oak log set burns up to three cans of Real Flame gel fuel. Lift assembly allows for easy access to place and remove cans.

This is the smaller 18" version of the deluxe log set, (there is also a 24" version available).

Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 14.5 Weight: 33 Lbs

Converts your existing functional or non-functioning fireplace to the ease and convenience of a ventless gel-burning fireplace.

Burning gel fuel, which makes no smoke or dangerous gasses, allows you to use your existing fireplace without opening the damper, keeping the heat IN the house.

The kit includes: A heavy wrought iron grate & lift assembly A multi piece cement log group-- the cans fit INSIDE it so the look is very realistic Lava rock to be spread under the grate for ash effect Custom manufactured grate designed to burn three cans of gel fuel wood substitute.

Please note that THIS WILL NOT FIT IN ONE OF OUR standard GEL FUEL FIREPLACES as seen on our website. Those come with a standard one-piece log that is not as deep as this deluxe kit. The Deluxe Log Set is larger and deeper, and is designed to better fill up the space of an existing conventional fireplace hearth you might already have in your home.