Fuente Floor Lamp

Fuente Floor Lamp
Item# J350

Product Description

A fountain of light bursting forth from ten wire stems reflects off the chrome of the Fuente Lamp for an elegant glow. A Fuente Floor Lamp becomes a striking work of art when used as the only light source in a room. Glass sconces diffuse the light of its 10 watt halogen bulbs.

Lamps include a set of ten frosted white and blue sconces. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of the Fuente Floor Lamp, the functional benefits add extra value via the lamp's structural versatility. The ten wired stems may be moved laterally, allowing you to create your own design. Try a complete circle of light by staggering every other stem at various heights for a cascading fountain effect. Limited by smaller spaces? No problem: arrange the stems to create a perfect semicircle or try a smaller wedge configuration to fit neatly into that corner in your front foyer, behind that easy chair in the great-room, or in your limited work/office space.

Unlike several of our other lamps, designed with stems malable enough to frequently sculpt into various shapes and configuarations, the Fuente may be gently manipulated once or twice, if you so desire. Either way, you'll surely enjoy the features that this unique lamp offers.

10" W. x 66" H