100% Copper Bracelet Designs

100% Copper Bracelet Designs
These bracelet designs are all 100% copper. They have copper's familiar color. After the organic laquer coating wears off in a few weeks, they may tarnish as copper does. Some people like this darker copper patina that develops naturally. If you want to keep them shiny you can rub them with a polishing cloth or any metal polish.

Small: Wrist width: Up to 2.25” For smaller women and children.

Medium: Wrist width: 2” to 2.5” For women of medium build and many men. This is the best selling size.

Large: Wrist width: 2.25” to 2.75” For most men of medium build, and a few women with large wrists.

Extra Large: Wrist width: 2.5” and Up. For large men with really big wrists.

Note: A range of wrist widths is given because all of Sergio’s bracelets are adjustable to custom fit the wearer. If the bracelet is a bit large for you, you can squeeze it together more. If it's a bit smaller for you, the bracelet will be more open on the underside of your wrist.