Item# KineticFork

Product Description

This a small table top kinetic sculpture, made from two bent forks.

It's fascinating. The forks are not connected by anything; the top one rests in a little dimple on the bottom one and balances there perfectly. The slightest breeze or breath makes it spin in a flat arc.

The forks are hand-bent one at a time in a unique shape that causes them to balance perfectly and spin in a stable fashion.

Greg Beck aka "The Forkman" started making fork sculpture as a young boy, which did not make his mother very happy since he was using her silverware. He has now developed this into a successful career and Mom is much happier about it. In fact Greg now buys so many forks, he has his own exclusive fork pattern with Oneida.

Greg travels around with his bag of forks and tools, and hand-makes a shop's order on the spot. Then he takes reorders by cell phone as he moves around the country.

To set up your kinetic fork sculpture, rest the sharpened tip of the flatter fork in the tiny dimple on the top of the handle of the base fork.