Decorative and fun kitchen sink strainers

These fun sink strainers fit most standard kitchen sinks. The decorative toppers are hand cast from lead free pewter, and the basket is stainless steel.

Sink strainers??? I was skeptical at first too... but they're a great seller. People buy one or two and then come back and order 30 to give as gifts.

So I decided to test them out in my own home. I have a yellow bumblebee and a yellow pansy in my two compartment sink. The dumb bumblebee is my favorite and brings a smile to my face whenever I come to the sink. Both pieces have been durable as well, holding up well to banging with pots and pans.

Added bonus-- they really seal the sink better than my original strainers-- you know how your strainer slowly leaks water out? Well, in my sinks these replacement strainers far outperform the originals at keeping the hot soapy water in the sink.