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Product Description

Welcome to the new home of The previous owner of, a lovely woman named Kristin, has moved on to a new endeavor, and we have purchased her remaining inventory and domain name. Any of her previous products, that are still available, are shown here.

Do you have to display your ID card where you work? Need to hang your glasses? Want something a little prettier AND affordable? We offer pretty badge necklaces and shorter necklaces that can be used for both badges and eyeglasses.

Other products include badge wallets, that store a few more necessaries with your badge, and pretty badge reels that make it easier to swipe your badge throughout the day. All products designed in America by a woman designer (manufactured in Asia for affordability).

Shorter necklaces have a large ring where you can either clip an included badge holder, or remove the clip, and insert the arm of your glasses in the ring to keep your folded glasses within reach at all times.

What does the future hold for We're not exactly sure yet, and welcome your input. What badge products would you like, that you aren't finding? What type of products would you like to see here? Do you have other suggestions? Please email us at

Standard Length Badge Clip Necklaces
This is the most popular necklace length. The unique, heavy duty swivel clip holds any size ID badge, or keys, casino cards and more.
Shorter Length Breakaway Badge ID and Eyeglass Necklaces
This is the shorter length badge necklace, and will also hold your reading glasses or sunglasses. it won't dangle in your students/ patients face when you lean over... and it includes a safety break-away magnetic clasp, which provides a safe "release" of the necklace if it is tugged on, or gets caught in a drawer or machine.
Clip-On Retractable ID Badge Reels
Pretty retractable ID Badge Reels can be clipped on to belts, waistbands, shirt collars and even handbags.
Safety Break-Away Magnetic Clasp Adaptor
This little accessory converts any necklace into a magnetic break away clasp; often ordered with standard length badge necklace
Zip Along Mini Bag with ID Badge Display Window and Shoulder Strap
"Zip Along" is a badge/mini bag worn across your body to always keep your hands free. It holds your ID badge, credit cards, makeup, cell phone, pens, money and more.
Hang Along Badge Wallet with Simple Neck Strap
"Hang Along" is a convenient and stylish wallet to hold your ID, credit cards, cash, lipstick, and more from a simple neck strap. Still available in pink; other colors retired.