Older Centaur and Eros Louvre Reproduction Figurine

Older Centaur and Eros Louvre Reproduction Figurine
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Product Description

H: 10 1/2" Cold Cast Marble-like Resin

This figurine is a replica of a copy (!), most likely copied from a 2nd century BC Hellenistic original, in white marble, which was excavated in Rome in the 17th century (having lost its probable Young Centaur pair). It entered the Borghese collection, but was acquired from it by Napoleon in 1807 and is now in the Louvre Museum. It has a Cupid on the centaur's back, teasing him, though the Eros's arm and foot and the centaur's left arm on the original are restorations, and the base and the support beneath the centaur are modern additions.

It is likely another copy of the same original from which the Furietti or Capitoline Centaurs were copied. The Furietti Centaurs (known as the Old Centaur and Young Centaur, or Older Centaur and Younger Centaur, when being treated separately) are a pair of Hellenistic grey-black marble sculptures of centaurs. They were found in Hadrian's Villa in 1736 and likely dated to the first or second century AD.

The quality of the casting of this figurine is excellent, with good detail, and the cold cast resin has a natural sheen and weight and will blend well with authentic and more expensive antique pieces.

(some information adapted from Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia)