CliC Goggle Replacement Lenses

CliC Goggle Replacement Lenses
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Product Description

CliC Goggle Replacement Lenses
Replacement lenses are available for your REGULAR SIZE CliC magnetic goggles (not available for smaller size goggles, sorry). You can change your lenses yourself, easily, by popping in them in and out through the front of the goggle. Each set includes two lenses for left and right.

You may want different colors or types of lenses for different conditions, time of day or night, or different seasonal activities.


The regular CliC goggle "double-layer" lens is designed to keep the lenses from fogging up when worn in cold temperatures, and has three components. The outer lens is scratch resistant polycarbonate with maximum UV and IR protection. The middle layer is a hermetic seal which acts as an insulating space. The inner lens is the CliC custom clear anti-fog lens.

Single-layer lenses do not offer the insulating anti-fog property of the double-layer lens, but sometimes you don't need that extra layer construction, for example in warmer weather.

All lenses are UVA/UVB 400, and are tough durable polycarbonate.

Lens color and type is both a functional and fashion choice. Many people like to have several different colors, to find what works best for them in different conditions, and for different activities.

All mirror lenses are a colored mirror coating applied over a gray lens. Therefore, the gray base lens determines the primary functionality of the lens. However, in real life, the different mirror coatings do also change the color transmission of the lens.

Smoke mirror is a silver mirror applied over a gray lens... it has the truest color profile, reducing light transmission and brightness evenly without changing the overall color of the landscape.

Iridium is a fascinating gold/red mirror applied over a gray base lens, that changes color at different angles. As the lens it will change from gold to red and back again. It reduces brightness, but since it is reflecting some warmer colors of light, the effect looking through it, is that the landscape looks more bluish and cool toned. This is a double-layer insulated lens.

Brilliant Blue is a blue mirror coating over a gray lens. It reduces brightness, and since it's reflecting blue light, when you are looking through it, the landscape does look a little warmer and slightly more yellow-hued. It's a double-layer insulated lens.

The following lenses are single-layer:

Clear lenses are great when you don't need light reduction, but still want protection...for example, at night. So pop in your clear lenses for night skiing, or riding your bike at night. This is a single layer lens.

Yellow lenses are popular for low light conditions at dawn and dusk. Many people feel yellow increases contrast in these low light situations. This is a single layer lens.

Smoke mirror single-layer is equivalent to a regular sunglass... reducing brightness without changing the colors of what you see. It is a single layer lens perfect for warmer weather and bright sunny days, when you don't need the insulation of the thicker double layer lenses.