CliC Magnetic Closure Medical Protective Glasses

CliC Magnetic Closure Medical Protective Glasses
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CliC Magnetic Closure Medical Protective Glasses
CliC medical protective glasses are worn around the neck, stethoscope style, when not in use. Raise them up, and the high strength magnet at the bridge gently guides them together for use. There is an adjustable neckband that keeps them hanging around your neck when not in use, and also keeps them from falling off when you are wearing them.

The lenses are ultra-clear, full view, anti-fog, anti-scratch, polycarbonate with UV protection. NO MAGNIFICATION, ONLY SPLASH PROTECTION

The sides of the frame slide in and out to adjust the length of the neckband.

CliC Medical glasses were designed in partnership with an emergency medicine doctor, Jacqueline Nemer, MD.

Dr. Nemer has worked in emergency medicine internationally, through medical relief, and currently at the university level. She has treated countless healthcare providers for eye splashes from blood and other biohazards. She set out to protect these workers from becoming patients themselves. "Most eye splashes can be avoided if appropriate eye protection is worn."

Traditional glasses, when not in use, must be set down on a table, worn on top of the head (not a good look!), or stuffed in a pocket. You're much less likely to lose these CliCs, because you never have to set them aside. They're either in use, or hanging comfortably around your neck.

CliC medical glasses are a stylish, easy to use, and effective solution for your eye protection.

MAGNETIC CLOSURE: Safe near pacemakers (>6"), and metal within body. Keep away from MRI suite. Magnets may pick up small metal objects if placed in close proximity.

RECOMMENDED USE: To be worn during patient care whenever there is a possibility of splash from body fluids. If large volume splashes are anticipated, more coverage (full face shield) is recommended. This should not be worn as protection from projectile, solid, or aerosolized objects or industrial chemicals. (They do not protect from projectile impact, because a heavy solid object hitting the lenses could cause the magnet to separate and the glasses to open.)



CliC Medical Replacement Lenses
Replacement lenses for CliC medical eyewear. THIS ITEM IS THE LENS ONLY.