CliC PETITE Magnetic Closure Reading Glasses

CliC PETITE Magnetic Closure Reading Glasses
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Product Description

CliC PETITE Magnetic Closure Reading Glasses
UPDATE 2021- still plenty of black/clear fade frames and tortoise brown frames, however 2.50 lenses are now sold out.

UPDATE 2019-- CLIC discontinued the Petite and we bought all they had left in stock. We have plenty of black/clear fade and tortoise brown, and a very limited amount of the pink. Aqua blue is now sold out.

The PETITE is one of CliC's newest reading glass designs. Although the Original Reader does comfortably fit most people... some people, mostly women with very short hair and children .... still requested a smaller frame. Here it is, with a new more oval lens shape, AND a new decorative metal side-arm.

If you are buying your first pair of CliCs, we do not recommend starting with the Petite since they are VERY small. We recommend starting with the Original and then only moving on to the Petite if the Original at its smallest setting is still too large.

Like all CliC eyeglasses, these have a continuous solid but flexible headband that keeps them securely on your head when in use, and allows them to hang comfortably around your neck when not in use.

The readers open in the front between the lenses... to put them on, just lift up and "clic" the glasses together over your nose... the tiny but powerful magnets snap them securely together.

The Petite has adjustable arms that you can lengthen by about an inch for the perfect fit. In the shortest shape, they are about an inch shorter (and about 1/4 inch narrower) than the Original reader.

The only solid color is dark tortoise. The other colors are "fade" colors. Pink, Blue, and Black fade to clear on the bottom of the front of the frame, in addition to fading to clear at the headband.



Picture of CliC Petite Dark Tortoise
Picture of CliC Petite Dark Tortoise