CliC SONOMA Magnetic Closure Reading Glasses

CliC SONOMA Magnetic Closure Reading Glasses
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Product Description

These CliC Sonoma readers are different in a few ways from the other CliC reading glasses. The top edge of the lens is frameless, to allow unobstructed sight while they are being worn. The lens is a new crescent shape. The SHAPE OF THE HEADBAND IS DIFFERENT, it starts scooping sooner and has a deeper scoop than the other readers. This is preferred by people with long hair since it means you can more easily wear it UNDER your hair.

The frame is a transparent tortoise color with gold metal arms at the temples.

How do CliC reader work? When you're not using them, they simply hang around your neck until you need them. You won't lose them (or sit on them!).

CliC readers have a unique and patented neodymium magnet front connection system, connected to an adjustable form-fitting headband/neckband, rather than to a cumbersome chain tangle.

To put on the CliC readers, simply place the band around the head, and the magnetic connection in the front will guide the lenses closed over your nose.

To remove, simply separate the eye pieces and allow the CliC readers to hang around the neck...finally, reading glasses that are hard to misplace!

The sides of the CliC readers are ADJUSTABLE shorter or longer to comfortably fit most people.

The Sonoma reading glasses are 140 mm wide at the temples, 145 mm wide at the mid-section, and are adjustable from 200-220mm long. (And the head/neck band scoops earlier and deeper at the back, appreciated by those with long hair).