David Mandel's "The Show Must Go On" Handmade Jewelry

David Mandel's "The Show Must Go On" Handmade Jewelry
Creating and designing jewelry was in David's blood from the beginning. Practically before he was playing with crayons, his grandmother's drawer where she kept her costume jewelry was his toychest! Always a creative child, David began assembling and selling pre-fabricated jewelry and trinkets in grade school. This led to a life-long interest in vintage and costume fashion jewelry. Anything that glittered, sparkled and/or shone became his medium.

Throughout high school, David's creativity was fostered by being enrolled in an independent art study program. He also attended weekend art classes continuing to expand his artistic endeavors. An early interest in art, antiques and especially costume jewelry were encouraged by his parents. Being born in the metropolitan area afforded him many opportunities to venture in the world of Manhattan's plethora of museums, galleries and fabulous shops in the early sixties up to and including the late seventies.

The eighties were a time of self-discovery for David, which led him into the world of high-end vintage clothing and accessories. In addition to working and acquiring knowledge in the retail world, he attended the Traphagen School of Fashion, located near New York's Gramercy Park. With this tumultuous decade of excess and access coming to a close, David began getting truly serious about developing his talent. During this time he took the leap and established himself as a full-time resident of Manhattan.

While attending The Arts Students League, David received a Revson grant that allowed him to pursue his art uninterrupted with his influential fellow artist Bruce Dorfman. This was an important crossroads. Would David continue down the Fine Art route? Or, would he begin to feed his soul, making his artistic mark in the world of jewelry? Not suprisingly, he chose the latter and began paving his way with the professional dues within the jewelry industry.

During the course of apprenticing with Lawrence Vrba, a highly respected costume and theatrical jeweler himself, David began accepting commissions for jewelry projects in his off time. He then began laying the foundation for what would become known as THE SHOW MUST GO ON! With the help and advice of several friends, especially another famed jeweler, Robert Sorrell, David devised a business plan and left Larry's nest. The work created in the first year of business was all unsigned pieces. However, this would not last long. He created his own tag and began signing his work. It was during these beginning days that the signature style of THE SHOW MUST GO ON! was emerging. His work caught the eye of collectible and vintage dealers and began being sought after as important pieces for collectors throughout North America, Europe and Japan.

David has collaborated with clothing designers, such as, James Purcell, Chad Evans, and Marc Bouwer, to name a few. Not only for the catwalk, his creations have been worn by celebrities in many fields. David created an incredible crystal rhinestone slipdress worn by Fran Drescher on her television show. An enormously grand parure was key to the plot of the Off-Broadway show, "How To Write A Play," staged by the Ridiculouse Theatrical Company in New York. In addition, some TSMGO! pieces were used in the film, "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Love Julie Newmar."

Innumerable donations have been made over the years for charity organizations, and live and silent auctions. Probably the most fantastic of these donations was a fantasy headdress mask for the charity, Save Venice Inc. (co-sponsored by Swarvoski and Bulgari). Another piece, one of David's most whimsical creations, was a life size banana headdress and accessories for an anniversary fashion show to celebrate the new Chiquita Banana Girl, under the tents of Bryant Park in New York City during Fashion Week.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON! continues to stretch David's imagination on a daily basis. We invite you to join an elite circle of collectors and consider some of his "future heirloom" pieces below.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind hand made collectible that can never be reproduced exactly since the materials include and antique and vintage beads and crystals. David's mark, "The Show Must Go On!" appears on the back of each piece, ensuring its authenticity.

"The Show Must Go On" Pink and Gold Cocktail Ring
This amazing sparkler throws reflections all around. It's a big ring... a size 13... so you smaller glamour queens will have to wear it on a larger finger like your index finger. It measures 2" across by 2" deep. It has additional crystals set below the face, on the sides of the shank. Even if it's a little loose, your adjoining fingers cradle it comfortably. It's actually very wearable. The quality of the crystal is beautiful. This is a gorgeous one-of-a-kind handmade creation.

It is marked on the back with David Mandel's logo "The Show Must Go On."
"The Show Must Go On" Smaller Lobster Pin
This incredible pin is a one-of-a-kind handmade creation by David Mandel. It incorporates a variety of red crystals and vintage beads, with white crystals lining the antennae. The tail and both claws are articulated. The pin is on the left hand claw. The pin is 5" long and 3" wide with the claws fully spread.

It is marked on the back with David Mandel's logo "The Show Must Go On."

"The Show Must Go On" Large Lobster Pin
This incredible piece of wearable art by David Mandel is 11-1/2 inches long from tail to tip of antennae, and 9" wide with the claws spread their widest. The body itself is 7" long. Each claw is articulated and the body has four articulated sections. Each claw has the pincer spring-mounted which allows the piece to react to motion independently. There are pins on each claw and at the back of the tail to allow best positioning on a garment or hat. When you're not wearing it, it's also a gorgeous piece of table art or decor.

This is a hand-made unique piece which can never be duplicated exactly since it uses a unique assortment of crystal and vintage beads in various shades from coral to dark garnet colors.

It is marked on the back with David Mandel's logo "The Show Must Go On."

"The Show Must Go On" smaller Martini Pin
This beautiful cocktail pin by David Mandel is a one-of-a-kind handmade piece. It has six large pink crystals over three smaller pink crystals, a green crystal lime garnish, and white crystals outlining the glass shape and encrusting the base. It measures 2-3/8" wide by 5" tall.

It is marked on the back with David Mandel's logo "The Show Must Go On."
"The Show Must Go On" larger Martini Pin
This beautiful pin is a hand-made, one-of-a-kind creation by David Mandel. It has 14 large pink crystals set in the glass as the "liquid", with a green and lavender crystal lime garnish. The lavender crystals are mounted on a spring to allow some independent movement. The edge of the glass and the base are encrusted with white crystals. The pin measures 5-1/2 inches tall by 4 inches wide.

It is marked on the back with David Mandel's logo "The Show Must Go On."

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