Unique Door Knockers by Michael Healy

Michael Healy studied metal sculpture at the University of Notre Dame where he learned century-old bronze casting techniques. These techniques became the foundation for his identifiable artistic expression. The is well known for his ability to skillfully combine quality materials into artistic yet functional forms. He is particularly noted for his talent for turning an everyday object into a work of art. His most recognizable works are this series of unique Door Knockers and doorbell ringers. Michael Healy has sculpted over one hundred door knockers and doorbell ringers depiction homeowner’s interests such as gardening, outdoor life, the Southwest and seashore scenes. To ensure consistently high quality at all stages of the metal casting process, Michael Healy works from his own foundry in Rhode Island. Michael is assisted by a select group of talented artisans who hand craft each Door Knocker or Doorbell Ringer. This personal attention to detail guarantees that every door sculpture is truly special. Only then is it read to carry Michel Healy’s signature confirming its authenticity and quality craftsmanship.

“The element that makes my products so special and original is the individual craftsmanship that is put into each piece, say Michael Healy, “every one of my door knockers and doorbell ringers are created by human hands and personal artistry””