Dragon Olympic Racer Sailboat Ship Model

Dragon Olympic Racer Sailboat Ship Model
Item# AS078F

Product Description

Dragon Olympic Racer Sailboat Ship Model
AS078F Dragon Olympic Sail Racer Sailboat Ship Model 30 x 7 x 39"

White and Antique finish mahogany hull, antiqued sails. This is a very clean model that actually looks quite contemporary because of the simple color scheme.

Classic Olympic racer from the 1930s is still popular today. Beautiful mahogany planked hull. Built from approved racing class blueprints. Hands-on sailing history for lovers of wooden craft. This is a real scale model, a miniature of a legendary regatta racer.

'Once you've sailed a Dragon, you won't want to sail anything else', say diehard Dragon racers. The sailing man's Bugatti with its sleek and graceful lines. A Norwegian design dating back to 1929. Soon an Olympic racing class, Dragons have raced across the world for decades now. New racing Dragons, length over all 29 ft (8.8 m), sailed by a crew of three people, still commissioned today, will set you back the cost of a decent Ferrari.

Removable stand.