Full-sized Dragon Weathervane

Full-sized Dragon Weathervane
Item# UDW256

Product Description

Full-sized Dragon Weathervane
This full-sized dragon weathervane is really spectacular. It's a full-bodied weathervane-- this means the dragon is a three dimensional sculpture, not a flat silhouette. The dragon itself is 20"wide x 30"long x 15"high. The total height of the weathervane including the pole is 49".

This weathervane includes the directionals, pole, balls, etc but does NOT include a mounting bracket. Available brackets include floor stands, roof brackets, wall brackets, etc.

The weathervane is offered in two colors or finishes. One is polished copper, which is the natural shiny copper. It is not laquered, so it will begin to tarnish (or "patina") as soon as it is exposed to the air. If you want to keep it shiny you could try laquering it.

The second color is verdigris. This is a green coating applied over the copper to make it look antique. Copper will patina to this green color over time, but it may take years, so this verdigris coating makes it look antique instantly.

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