Full-Size Mitt Chairs

Full-Size Mitt Chairs

Product Description

Full-Size Mitt Chairs
The Mitt Chair is inspired by a very collectable designer chair from 1971 called the Joe chair, which you can see in the inset photo.

The original Joe chair, a giant, leather, baseball-glove chair, first produced in 1971, was named for famous 1950s-'60s baseball player Joe DiMaggio, who was married to Marilyn Monroe, and currently sells for $80,000- $120,000.

During a period of fascination with American mass culture, Italian designers Jonathan De Pas, Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi took their inspiration from the American pop artist Claes Oldenberg (his hand-sewn soft sculptures were shown at the Venice Biennale of 1964) and the baseball glove of the celebrity American baseball champion Joe Di Maggio. A pre-formed foam settee covered in leather, Joe chair is playful and witty, but also ergonomically comfortable. The hand welcomes and protects the sitter; form and function reinforce one another.

The Mitt Chair is upholstered with a plush, easy-to-clean fabric and measures 35" wide x 29" high.