Goddess, Sun, Moon and Celestial Pins

SunfaceMoonStar Pin
This sterling silver pin designed by Misti Martin has a blue topaz stone in the center of the star and a carved bone face is the sun surrounded by iolite and amethyst stones.
mystical face pin/pendant
This sterling silver pin also has a bale on the back so you can hang it from a chain. The face is carved bone, and there are gold plate accents on some of the symbols. This is a design by Misti Martin.
FaceOnPalette Pin
This sterling pin designed by Misti Martin has 22k gold plated accent. The face is carved bone. Iolite, garnet, peridot and a pearl sits beside one side of the face.
SunfaceUniverseHeart Pin
This Misti Martin sterling silver pin has 22k gold plated accents. A carved bone face is the center of the sun. White topaz, iolite and garnet stones brighten the universe and heart.
Austrian crystal sun pin
This bright pin has a matte gold finish on the front and a shiny gold finish on the back. The crystal is genuine Austrian crystal.
pin/pendant with face
This sterling silver pin has 22 k gold plated accents. It is a design by Misti Martin and incorporates a carved bone face, amethyst, apatite, and moonstone. It has a bale for a chain on the back as well as the pin, and can be worn as a pin or a pendant. The three extensions below the pin can swing from side to side.