Narcissus Reproduction Statue Figurine

Narcissus Reproduction Statue Figurine
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H: 8 1/4" Cold Cast Marble-like Resin

Narcissus was renowned for his beauty. Although there are varying versions of the myth, in general, he rejects those who wish to love him. As divine punishment, he falls in love with a reflection in a pool, not realizing it is his own, and dies there, not being able to leave the beauty of his own reflection.

The original of the Narcissus was discovered in 1862 in a nondescript house in Pompeii, being the last antique statue found in Italy to enjoy considerable fame. In a book sponsored by Chiurazzi & Fils, the secretary of the Naples Museum, Luigi Conforti, described the figure as the most beautiful bronze ever to have been discovered at Pompeii.

(some information adapted from Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia, and Christie's Auction House)