Aphrodite Greek Goddess Statue Figurine

Aphrodite Greek Goddess Statue Figurine
Item# PT6135

Product Description

H: 11 1/4" Cold Cast Marble-like Resin

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus. Myrtle, dove, sparrow, and swan are sacred to her. The Greeks identified Aphrodite with the Ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor.

Aphrodite was associated with, and often depicted with, the sea, dolphins, doves, swans, pomegranates, apples, myrtle, rose and lime trees, clams, scallop shells, and pearls.

The quality of the casting of this figurine is excellent, with good detail, and the cold cast resin has a natural sheen and weight and will blend well with authentic and more expensive antique pieces.

(some information adapted from Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia)