14K Yellow Gold Anticlastic Swirl Bracelet

14K Yellow Gold Anticlastic Swirl Bracelet
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14K Yellow Gold Anticlastic Swirl Bracelet
This gorgeous 14k yellow gold hand crafted bracelet is made using the anticlastic technique of hand metal work.

As a result of this technique, the bracelet is very strong and springy. You open it up to slide it over the side of your wrist and it springs right back into shape.

Anticlastic raising is a technique of metalwork, usually gold, whereby sheet metal is formed directly with a hammer on a sinusoidal stake. Sinusoidal means with a mathematical sine curve, but it looks snakelike (or like a typographical ~ tilde).

To make an anticlastic formation, a flat sheet of metal is shaped by compressing its edges and stretching the center so that the surface develops two curves at right angles to each other. The result is two sides that curl up, and two that curl down, like the shape of a saddle (which curves up from the seat toward the horn in front and the cantle in back, but down on both sides).

Anticlastic raising can create a myriad of delicate, sinuous shapes: loops, hoops, spirals, twists, and blossoms.

Other than their distinctive look, anticlastic formations are distinguished for being very lightweight and structurally strong in comparison to the amount of material used.

Metal does not want to bend this way so it must be gently persuaded with the hammers. No molds or castings are used. The metal is not hammered into a form but rather formed freehand over the stakes.

Because of the technique the metal becomes very work hardened, which makes it very strong and very springy.

Many courses or passes are required to deform the metal into the desired shape. After each course the metal must be annealed (softened by heating), to restore its workability.

This bracelet is hand-made in Maine and is signed by the artists.

It measures 2-5/8" wide by 2-3/8" tall, and is 1" deep at the front.