how they hang, thoughts on how to size, a note on color, and guarantee

how they hang, thoughts on how to size, a note on color, and guarantee
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Product Description

HOW THEY HANG-- when you don't need them, just pull them apart at the bridge and let them fall down around your neck, as seen in the photo above. The adjustable headband keeps them right at hand. Personally I like to make sure they are outside my collar. Pull the lenses straight down so they don't re-connect, for a less restrictive feel. Or, if you are in high winds or an active situation, close the magnet to secure your frames in place around your neck.

HOW TO SIZE-- this is a little tricky. I will use myself and my friend as an example.

I have a big head and take a bigger hat size than my friend. I can comfortably wear Clic Original, in regular colors and black long, Classic, 1/2 Frame, Sonoma, and XXL. So I wear a bigger hat than my friend, but I can wear ALL the CliC readers comfortably. They all adjust to fit me. I have very short hair.

When my friend wears one of my baseball caps, he has to shorten and tighten the strap in the back. So his hat size is smaller than mine... however his head is shaped differently somehow. And he has more hair. Although he has to tighten up my baseball cap if he wears it.... he cannot wear the Originals that fit me fine... they are too narrow for him and they pop open in the front. He can wear the Classics but they're kind of snug in both length and width. He is most comfortable in the XXL... he said "these are perfect."

We can both wear the sunglasses and the goggles fine.

IN SUMMARY-- it depends on the shape of your head around your eyes, the shape of the lower part of the back of your head, and your hair style. EACH STYLE WE SELL IS ADJUSTABLE FOR MOST PEOPLE INCLUDING MY BIG HEAD. But if they don't fit, we offer a free "easy exchange" service to get you the best style for you.

So my best advice is to simply order the style you like... they will most likely fit. If you get them and they don't fit, email us, and we'll send you a different style to try, with a prepaid call tag for the original pair. If you are one of the few people with that odd shaped head, you are welcome to keep trying them until you find the ones you like. We're willing to cover the costs of these free exchanges as an investment in your future business and referrals.

A NOTE ON COLOR, DURABILITY, AND OUR GUARANTEE-- We offer every factory made color and style available.

If you run across other colors online that we do not have listed --- they may be either custom dyed by that vendor using water soluble dye, or they may be counterfeit. Yes, there are counterfeit CliCs being sold online now, particularly in the Ebay marketplace, and one of the first ways to spot them is a strange color. (They use substandard lenses and frame materials as well.) Color may not be as durable in custom dyed frames.

We have found our standard CliC frame colors to be quite durable. With CliCs being worn in mixed indoor/outdoor use, we have had no color issues. The one exception, in our PERSONAL experience, was a pair we kept hanging on the rear view mirror in the car for months, and with that extreme heat and sun exposure it did start losing some of its color coating, reverting to clear. When asked, the manufacturer recently wrote to us saying "the color can fade over time especially with exposure to the sun. Keep in mind our readers are colored either by paint, dye or injection."

In addition, we have found the styles with expandable rear headbands or a rimless lens edge to be slightly less durable than solid headbands and fully framed lenses. So if you don't really need the extra room of the expandable headband, wear the smallest frame that fits you without popping open in the front.

Overall, we have found the CliC product to be extremely durable and well made.

The manufacturer's guarantee is for six months from date of purchase, against any manufacturer's defects. We are happy to extend that with our "satisfaction guarantee." They are a relatively inexpensive eye wear product, but we guarantee that you will feel you get your money's worth out of them. That doesn't mean they'll last forever-- but only you know how much, and in what conditions, they have been worn and stored. If you don't feel that they meet your expectations for what you paid, and that you did not "get your money's worth," please let us know and we will be happy to work something out for you.