In the Face of Darkness

In the Face of Darkness
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In the Face of Darkness
"In the face of darkness, against those who would treat us as second-class citizens, undeserving of the same rights held by others... we will not stop. We will not back down. We will never give up until equality is something shared by all."

"I keep hearing from some gays that we are wrong to want same-sex marriage, that it has only resulted in public backlash. I ask, why is it wrong to want the same rights as everyone else? As long as the federal government is bestowing rights on those who are legally allowed to marry, we are victims of discrimination. We are second-class citizens, deemed as inferior to heterosexuals. Denying us the right to marry sends a message that that descrimation against same-sex couples and their families is acceptable. It is time for true equality. Do you really want to live your life with fewer rights than others?" -Michael Breyette

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