Egyptian Isis PC Topper Statue

Egyptian Isis PC Topper Statue
Item# PT6474
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Product Description

4-1/2 inches tall total, 4 inches above monitor

5-1/4 inches wide, 1-1/2 inches deep

includes double sided foam tape to fasten to monitor

This sweet little computer monitor topper will sit watch over your desk, and perhaps inspire the blessings of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis.

Isis was a goddess in Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, whose worship later also spread throughout the Greco-Roman world. She was worshiped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patron of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, the downtrodden, as well as listening to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers. Isis was the Goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility.

(some information adapted from Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia)

hand painted and detailed carved cold cast resin