Medusa Lamp Replacement Shade / Sconce

Medusa Lamp Replacement Shade / Sconce
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Product Description

UPDATE January 2024. Manufacturer has announced they are discontinuing the medusa lamp and the replacement shades. So quantities will be limited going forward, and then they will be gone. And we will look for something else that might work, but that could take a while to find an alternative.

The manufacturer has a small quantity of shades that were supposed to be blue, but look more purple than blue, so we have added the purple option to the color list.

These are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement GLASS shades (sconce) for the current and former medusa lamps by Lumisource. Use them to customize your lamp color, or because your cat knocked your lamp over... we actually hear that a lot from customers.... and would like to reassure you that your cat is NOT secretly getting a commission in catnip on replacement shade sales.

The shades have a fluted curved surface, with a solid exterior glass color and white interior glass flashing.

The colors in the composite image above are NOT exactly accurate. Please consider the composite image above to be "representative" of colors only, and not exact.

The reality is... that batches of glass vary in shade from batch to batch, and the manufacturer's production facilities have changed over time. So unfortunately we cannot promise your new shade will be exactly the same color as your old shade... but these are the only available replacements, and are from the original manufacturer, Lumisource.

IF YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT BRAND MEDUSA LAMP OR PLASTIC SHADES please order only one shade to start, in case you cannot make it work, you will only have to return one shade. Our Lumisource shades are held in place with a screw-on plastic collar (not included), which screws down over the threaded bulb holder inside the shade, tightening it against the metal cup at the end of the arm.

FINALLY, here is your chance to either give your lamp a new life in your new decor, by making your lamp all one color, or change shade colors seasonally, or restore your lamp to its original multi-hued glory.