More about the artist

More about the artist
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Despite her fatherís anxiety that art college was preparing her for a career waiting tables, Raelinda Woad has been a full time working artist for 15 years.

She began in jewelry in the 1980ís working her way up from bead sorter to jewelry makerís assistant.

In 1989 Raelinda wandered into Harvard Square and discovered a Pre-Starbucks coffeehouse. There were no laptops, no ipods, just people hanging out entertaining each other with sharp, original songs.

Feeling inspired Raelinda bought a notebook (it's a flat thing that opens kind of like an ibook and it's filled with more really flat things that you can write on with this stick thing filled with dark blue stuff) and started writing stories.

Two years later she was sharing her Ďtrue stories that havenít quite happened yetí with coffeehouse audiences across New England.

It was a blissful, creative existence that lacked only one thing.

The rent.

So in the early 90ís Raelinda combined her love of storytelling with her skill as a jewelry designer to create Storyteller Jewelry, a line of wearable books with her own magical stories hidden inside.

Raelinda now has several lines of miniature books available along with other word and wish related jewelry and ornaments.