Model Ship Wall Brackets

Model Ship Wall Brackets
Item# AS000
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Product Description

AS000 Ship Wall Brackets, Set of 2

Wood and brass model ship brackets attach to the wall, allowing you to display your ship without using a shelf.

One bracket has a deeper more triangular shape to cradle the front of the hull; the second bracket has a more gently curved shape to cradle the rear of the hull.

These brackets are for ships that come with a removable stand. Ships that come with a built-in non-removable stand should be displayed on a shelf.

Brackets come with a double threaded screw/bolt that has machine screw threads on one side... this side screws into the bracket. The other side of the screw/bolt has wood screw threads... this can be screwed directly into wood (pre-drilling pilot holes may be advised) or screwed into the wall anchor of your choice if you are mounting on drywall or other hollow surfaces. If an anchor is needed, you will need to provide your own wall anchor system for the screw that supports each bracket.