Perfect Black Standard Length Badge ID Clip Necklace

Perfect Black Standard Length Badge ID Clip Necklace
Item# R50019

Product Description

Perfect Black Standard Length Badge ID Clip Necklace
This is the most popular necklace length. The unique, heavy duty swivel clip holds any size ID badge, or keys, casino cards and more.

Versatile-- badge necklace by day, but pretty enough to easily remove the clip to wear as a simple necklace by night-- or use the clip to turn it into a double width choker.

This length does NOT have a large ring that also holds folded eyeglasses.

Do you need a "break-away" necklace where you work? Add the separate Safety Break-Away Magnetic Clasp Adapter so the necklace will safely "break away" if tugged on or if caught in machinery. (Shorter badge/eyeglass necklaces in the other section have the magnetic clasp already built-in.)


Safety Break-Away Magnetic Clasp Adaptor

Some schools, hospitals, or business may require you to have a safety "break-away" on your necklace which will separate and open up the necklace if the necklace is pulled with force.

This removable magnetic break-away clasp simply attaches to the regular clasps on your necklace adding a magnetic safety break-away. Makes it super easy to put your necklace on and off; great for people with arthritis too.

Use with any necklace with a "lobster claw" and ring type clasp.

This type of magnetic break-away connector is NOT NEEDED for the shorter badge/eyeglass necklaces; they already have this type of clasp included.
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