No more writer's cramp... "No-grip" design makes writing enjoyable again... Your hands will thank you...

Billed as "the most comfortable writing instrument ever designed," PenAgain is a unique pen designed for total comfort and tension-free writing. You insert your finger between the two rear extensions, which are merely guides. There is no need to grip tightly. The natural weight of the hand gives enough downward force to apply ink to paper.

Along with new enhancements like a pocket clip, retractable cap, easier refilling and more streamlined ergonomics, the new Ergo-Sof PenAgain is also finished with a soft silky-feeling rubber coating that adds extra comfort and style. All Ergo-Sof penagains come with two extra refills.

This pen is very popular. We get a lot of reorders and repeat business from customers of all ages on this item, so we highly recommend it. Kids love it becuase it's different and cool-looking, adults love it because it works well, and older folks like the extra stability it gives to arthritic or shaky hands.

It's available in three colors-- red, silver, and black.

The PenAgain Refill 2+1 Pack has two black medium-tip refills and a PDA stylus tip for use with your electronic organizer.

Our generic mini-pen refills are available in black or blue ink, with medium tips.

Ergo Soft PenAgain
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PenAgain Refill 2+1 Pack
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