Egyptian Pyramid Trinket Box (Larger)

Egyptian Pyramid Trinket Box (Larger)
Item# PT7731

Product Description

- 6" by 6" square, about 5" tall

- hand detailed and painted, heavy weight cold cast resin

- black flocked interior compartment measures 3"x3" square by about 2" tall

- temple and statue reliefs on three sides, eye of horus in black and white on fourth side

- hinged lid

(Does not include pearls shown in picture :)

This is an attractive heavy-weight box with a smaller square interior compartment that extends up to the point of the pyramid. The gold finish is moderately bright. The sculptural relief on three sides of various statues and temples is fanciful and not a realistic reproduction of a real pyramid. Also, the geometry of the shape is not exact and somewhat suggests the "bent pyramid" of Sneferu.

Most importantly, despite the little design quirks, people pick it up and say "It's heavy. I like this, it's nice."