Story S 'The Secret Word for Angel' by Raelinda Woad

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I don't think that angels have wings. It only seems that way sometimes because they are carrying so much on their backs. That's why real angels have such terrible posture. The ones that stand up straight and flit around from cloud to cloud are just posers. But look which ones get the better press.

It's kind of strange, but in the past year, angels have become as famous as rock musicians. And I'm not sure how I feel about that. Because, in the past year, I've heard the word 'angel' used so many times that it almost doesn't mean anything anymore. I can remember when that word would rise like the moon from the blue of my moods. Like something far away and beautiful that I could never quite reach, but I could always feel the pull of.

But now that word is just always in my face, pushing me. Right off the edge of the pin.

But what if everyone thought of their own secret word for angel. And told no one what that word was, so that it could never mean a demographic curve, or a TV series, or a best selling novel, or a News Special.

What if, right now, you thought of your own secret word, (sshhhh), and kept it safe inside you. Like faith was really a quiet place for something true. Like you were the guardian.