Story X 'The Tea of Letting Go' by Raelinda Woad

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Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and make myself a cup of tea. And while the tea leaves steep like dreams floating in a cup of sleep I sit there and think, the sum total of molecules in all the objects in my bathroom cabinet has now exceeded the sum total of molecules in my brain.

And as I cast out the leaves, leaving their spirits in the cup like the memories of dreams after a sleeper wakes up I think, how did I collect so much junk in the trunk of my car?

When did I buy all those clothes pressed together in my closet like passengers on an overcrowded subway train with only one stop: 'RAELINDA'S ROOM. Please move to the back of the clothes pole to allow room for the newer garments to come on board. Thank you. Next stop, RAELINDA'S ROOM again. Please wait until the doors are firmly shut before wrinkling. '

Every week on trash day a bag of trash leaves my apartment but my apartment never seems to get any emptier.

The Earth revolves around the Sun, a small planet pulled by a greater heavenly mass. And the greater mass of our little planet is always pulling our bodies towards the ground. In the politics of gravity, jumping is a revolution. But no matter how high you jump, you can't jump off the Earth. Only astronauts riding on explosions of force can achieve freedom from the pull of the Earth and dip their toes at the edge of the infinite sea.

As I sip my tea I wonder, what is the escape velocity of all my possessions?