Sydney Opera House Architectural Wire Art Sculpture Model

Sydney Opera House Architectural Wire Art Sculpture Model
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8.6 x 8.5 x 6.25"

Retired Design-- Quantities Extremely Limited

This miniature building is a hand-made sculpture in silver wire, worthy of display on the most impressive desk, cabinet, or dining table.

The Sydney Opera House is a performing arts centre in Sydney, Australia. It was conceived and largely built by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, who in 2003 received the Pritzker Prize, architecture's highest honour. The citation stated “There is no doubt that the Sydney Opera House is his masterpiece. It is one of the great iconic buildings of the 20th century, an image of great beauty that has become known throughout the world – a symbol for not only a city, but a whole country and continent.”

The Opera House was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 28 June 2007. It is one of the 20th century's most distinctive buildings, and one of the most famous performing arts centers in the world.

The Sydney Opera House is a modern expressionist design,with a series of large precast concrete 'shells', each composed of sections of a hemisphere of the same radius, forming the roofs of the structure, set on a monumental podium.

The design work on the shells involved one of the earliest uses of computers in structural analysis, in order to understand the complex forces to which the shells would be subjected. In mid-1961 the design team found a solution to the problem: the shells all being created as sections from a sphere. This solution allows arches of varying length to be cast in a common mold, and a number of arch segments of common length to be placed adjacent to one another, to form a spherical section.

The Sydney Opera House opened the way for the immensely complex geometries of some modern architecture.

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