Wrought Iron Furniture and Accessories

Wrought Iron Furniture and Accessories
This beautiful wrought iron is inspired by antique designs but made in present-day Taiwan, which accounts for its very reasonable pricing.

The website automatically enters 5% for shipping, however, on a few of the largest pieces there may be additional shipping charges depending on size and distance. Most pieces in this section will ship for the standard 5%. If there is any additional charge we'll email you with the shipping cost before finalizing your order.

We also may be able to offer some 10-20% discounts on sets or large quantitity purchases.

This is wrought iron, and may develop an oxidized patina (rust) if left outside in the elements. This rust should be primarily an issue of looks, and should not affect the item structurally for a generation or more. Some of these pieces are already painted -- however, these are imperfect paintjobs designed to make the piece look antique, and do not offer full protection from the elements. If you plan on leaving them outdoors year-round, and want to keep them pristine, you can spray the piece with a Rustoleum clear laquer or any rust-inhibiting paint. Otherwise, just relax and consider any oxidation that appears to be "character" and "patina."

If kept indoors they will NOT rust.