The Adirondack Wallet Pen

The Adirondack Wallet Pen
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Product Description

The Adirondack Wallet Pen
This tiny engraved sterling silver pen carries forward a tradition of simplicity and elegance. It fits right in the crease of almost any wallet or checkbook.

This "Adirondack" version of the wallet pen has an elegant engraved design on the upper part of the barrel.

Many are surprised to learn that each pen is made by hand in Charlotte, Vermont.

Each Sterling Silver Wallet Pen comes gift-boxed in random bright box colors.

A spare ink refill, along with simple instructions and the artist's lifetime warranty, are also enclosed.

The craftsman of the pen writes: "Our pen is not just a pen, it is a key, which makes life easier; better somehow. It will convey numbers, locations and solutions, grocery lists, stock tips and inspiration. It is a sterling symbol of preparedness. You will see it as a grown-up hall-pass in the corridors of distinction. Mundane chit chat will morph to enlightened conversation. Turn your signature into an autograph. It is so much more than a pen."

Wallet Pens fit nearly every wallet. Length 3-1/8 " (78mm), Diameter 5mm Upper Barrel / 4mm Lower Barrel

(Uses a standard mini-pen refill which is relatively easily found and is common to many diverse manufacturer's mini pen designs.)