CliC COMPACT Foldable Soft Strap Magnetic Reading Glasses - see all available colors here (LIMITED STOCK)

CliC COMPACT Foldable Soft Strap Magnetic Reading Glasses - see all available colors here (LIMITED STOCK)
***UPDATE - CliC discontinued this new style in 2018 after two production runs, which is why we have little remaining inventory. We are hearing from customers that the glue holding the soft strap on to the arms may fail. All CliCs are covered by a 6 month warranty so if you experience a manufacturer defect you are protected with a replacement, exchange, or refund. But we would like you to be aware of the potential of a problem with the headband, which you can attempt to repair yourself or contact us for assistance, but may be without your glasses for some period of time.***

The CliC Compact offers the much-loved patented CliC magnetic front closure with a new hinged side and soft foldable rubberized headband. This means you can fold them up and store them in small microfiber bag (included). Like all CliCs, the side stems are adjustable for length. The flexible headband also gives greater freedom in fit.

The front and arm of each Compact is black; there are 4 color choices for the headband: black, neon green, blue, or gray.

Like all CliCs, this frame uses CliC's patented front magnetic closure and integrated rear head/neck band. When you need the glasses, you raise them up and they "CliC" together with a strong magnetic closure. The headband keeps them secure on your head with no risk of falling off. When you do not need them, simply open the front and lower to your neck. The rear band now keeps them hanging conveniently around your neck so they're ready when you need them... with no chance you're going to lose them somewhere.

Stop losing your glasses by setting them down and walking away ! Now they're always with you --- and ready whenever and wherever you need them.

CliC Compact features include:

-CliC Patented Front Connection Technology

-Length-adjustable Side Stems

-Optical Quality Acrylic Lenses

-Durable Nylon Frame Front

-Easy On, Easy Off

-Flexible Rubberized Headband (one size fits most)

-RX'able at your local optometrist for your own lens prescription