Danielle Mailer -- Body Language

Danielle Mailer -- Body Language
This August the Garden Gallery at Little Gorgeous Things will present "Body Language” the second Provincetown exhibition of New England artist Danielle Mailer. The exhibit will include paintings, prints, and painted masonite silhouettes by the artist, with additional cutouts ranging from 36” to life-size figures. Ms. Mailer is also presenting a series of “Yoga” postures 16”x24” in both collage and print format, as well as a life-size series in metal. The focus of the show will be the female form. The exhibit will run from Friday, August 18 through Thursday, September 7, with an opening reception for Ms. Mailer from 7-9pm on Friday, August 18 in the Garden Gallery at Little Gorgeous Things.

Danielle Mailer Danielle Mailer's current body of work conjures up her Latin-Jewish background in all of its vibrancy and color. These paintings, designating the female as cat, as goddess, hidden away or center stage, all reflect an intimate landscape -- a woman's landscape that promises a surrealist terrain of cornucopia, chili peppers, trombones and skulls. It is a tapestry weave that incorporates personal symbols and narratives dealing with contemporary issues of womanhood and, in a larger scope, issues of modern-day society. Danielle counts Matisse, Kahlo, Chagall, Nolde and Klimt among her influences. She also credits her parents, Peruvian painter Adele Morales and writer Norman Mailer, and jazz musician Peter McEachern as powerful sources of inspiration.

Danielle graduated from Bowdoin College in 1979 with a BA in Art. She went on to study painting at the New York Studio School, and graphic design at School of Visual Arts in New York City. From 1982 thru 1986 she worked as associate art director for ARTnews magazine. With the birth of her daughter and subsequent move to Connecticut, she returned to her first love, painting. Since then she has focused on her art as well as another passion, teaching. Her teaching experience includes: art teacher at The Litchfield Country School (1993 thru 2001), and Chairmen of the art department at Indian Mountain School, (2002 to present). Over the last twelve years, Danielle has shown her work in numerous galleries in Connecticut and beyond. Her exhibitions include both group and one-woman shows at: Beaux Arts Gallery, Woodbury, CT; Bachelor Cardinsky Gallery, Kent, CT; The Silo, Washington, CT; The Washington Art Association, Washington, CT; the former Ellen Harris Gallery, Provincetown, MA; Signatures Gallery, Boston, MA; The Wisdom House, Litchfield, CT; the New Arts Gallery, Litchfield, CT, and the Blue Mountain Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. She also recently opened her own gallery in Goshen, CT, the Danielle Mailer Gallery, where she has an ongoing exhibit of her current work. She has worked as a graphic designer, and sold a painting to Random House publishers to be used for the cover art of the book, "The Heart of a Family."

Danielle's recent projects include a collaboration with the East Side Girls Club in Manhattan, which will include a show in October. She also recently curated a three woman show at the Roger Smith Lab Gallery in NYC.

Danielle's work is collected by the Rockefeller Foundation and also by the renowned film director, Milos Forman. She lives in Goshen, Connecticut, with her husband, jazz musician Peter McEachern, and their children, Isabella, Colin, and Hayley.

Artist Statement: "This current body of work draws from my Latin-Jewish background and passion for pattern and color. Using the female form, I work to create a landscape within the contours of the figure - a woman's landscape that promises a terrain of personal symbols and icons, a microcosm where dots make endless patterns imbuing the figures with a kinetic vibrancy. I am particularly linterested in the torso as a focal point, where we hold so many emotions, memories, heartache, fears, passion and joy. It is my wish in making these figures to give testimony to the exuberant and sometimes resilient nature of the human spirit."