These beautiful fireplaces produce a real flame by burning cans of gel fuel hidden behind life-like logs. The flames are smokeless and odorless and therefore no chimney, ductwork, venting, or electricity is required.

The fuel is gelled grain alcohol injected with salt water, which gives it a realistic "crackle." The gel burns for up to 3 hours with no by-product except for heat and moisture. It is EPA and OSHA approved and you can even roast marshmallows.

Each can produces 3000 btu heat per hour, and a maximum of three cans can be burned at the same time. The metal firebox is double walled steel, self-contained on all sides and directs the heat out the front of the fireplace. The logs are made of a non-combustible concrete composite material.

The mantles are constructed of solid pine and are available in various finishes. The fireplace can be placed on any type of flooring and against any wall. You can put a fireplace anywhere: in your bedroom, basement, office, apartment, or even your boat.

In warmer weather if you don't want the heat from the gel fuel, make a beautiful candle display (there is also an optional candle holder accessory that fits in the mantel). Your candles will be 100% safe in the firebox.

Set up is easy, only a screwdriver is required. The fireplace weighs about 70 lbs and is portable since it doesn't need any connections. Each fireplace includes the mantel, firebox, log, grate, lava rocks (to simulate ashes, use them or not) and two cans of fuel. The fireplace screen kit is an optional item; it is not required, but makes the fireplace look more finished (and keeps your pets away from the fuel, if you have nosy cats!).

These fireplaces are a great way to add a beautiful decorative focal point to any room with the added benefit of the fun of a real fire. The gel is so efficient it heats a 20x 20 room in about 30 minutes. We do not recommend this for a primary heat source since the cost of fuel would be too high to burn around the clock... but it makes a great little fire for an hour or two, or for emergencies if you lose your power.

The cost of burning two cans at a time is less than $6, which is up to 25% less than wood, and comparable to burning a jumbo Duraflame fire log. You can "shut off" the fire by using the optional handy magnetic tool to put the lid back on the can while it is burning, snuffing out the fire and saving the remaining fuel for another use.