Hanging Baskets - Antique-look Mint Wrought Iron (both sizes shown)

Hanging Baskets- Antique-look Mint Wrought Iron
Hanging Baskets- Antique-look Mint Wrought Iron
Item# UDX90209021

Product Description


This is a gorgeous newly-made, very sturdy, but antique looking wrought iron hanging basket on a chain, available in two sizes.

The color is an antique mint green. If you wish to change the color, it is easily sprayed with rustoleum.

Both the large and small basket are shown in the picture.

The smaller basket measures 14" wide by 19" high (not including chain).

The larger basket costs a bit more money, and measures 17" wide by 23" high (not including chain).

The width measurement is the full width including decorative scrollwork; not the width of the actual plant area. The actual plant area is approximately 6" deep and 11" wide.