More Information about the Materials, and maintenance.

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Product Description

What is the difference between the metals?

All Michael Healy Door knockers are cast from Solid Brass, Bronze, Nickel Silver or a combination of these metals. Brass is an alloy containing 70% copper while bronze contains 85% copper. This additional copper makes bronze have a more reddish appearance. Nickel Silver has nickel added to the bronze making it a warm silver color. All these metals are ideal for outdoor use. Your selection should be based on you personal preference.

What is the difference between the finishes?

The most prevalent finish on brass is the polished finish. Varying degrees of sanding and buffing are employed to achieve the mirror finish most commonly seen on door knockers. When this technique is used to simply accent the points or raised areas on a piece it is often referred to as highlighted. Our oiled bronze finish is attained by dipping the raw castings in an dark patina solution then polishing the pieces to a satin finish. Successive dipping and highlighting is needed to achieve the rich , dark finish. Our brushed nickel finish is done by putting the raw nickel silver pieces through multiple processes until a fine satin finish is achieved. The polished chrome finish is done by buffing in a similar fashion as the typical polished finish in brass. We often combine the polished chrome finish with the brushed nickel finishes to produce a contemporary look. All our door knockers receive a final baked polyurethane coating that protects them from the elements.

Will my door knocker tarnish or have to be regularly polished?

Your door knocker has been coated with a baked, catalyzed polyurethane paint similar to the clear top coat on an automobile and should be cared for similarly. Simply wash occasionally using a sponge with water and a mid soap. Do not use a brass cleaner or an abrasive pad because this will damage the clear coating and original polished finish. Occasionally coating the doorknocker with a paste wax will greatly extend the life of the finish.

Installation Instructions

Your door knocker was designed for easy mounting. Mounting screws are included with your doorknocker. These screws work well with either a wood or metal door. To attach your door knocker, hold it in the desired position on your door and mark hole locations with a pencil. Drill guide holes using a 1/8 drill bit. Screws accept a phillips head screwdriver. On some door knockers the mounting bracket must be removed and screwed to the door and then the knocker reattached to the bracket.