Floor Medusa Lamp

Floor Medusa Lamp

Product Description

The Medusa Lamp design has been really popular... you've seen a lot of copies and imitators (including plastic lamps-- be careful-- remember if it seems too good to be true it probably is!).

The original design with six arms was sold out and unavailable for a while, but now there is a new five arm Medusa ready to ship!!

This versatile lamp provides a bold color statement in any room. Five fully articulated 24 inch snake arms allow you to direct light where you need it. The three way switch turns on two bulbs with the first click, the other three bulbs with the next click, and then all five bulbs with the last click.

Bring all the arms up in the air and it's a much taller lamp; direct them all down for a totally different look like a modern weeping willow tree. Change the colors of your shades....Endless possibilities and opportunities for time wasting as you play with different arrangements :)

Want to change the color? The interchangeable glass shades with interior opal flashing can be ordered separately. The lamp comes multicolor with a red, a blue, a yellow, an orange, and a green shade. Shades are easily removable and orderable so that you can buy additional shades if you want to customize your lamp, for example, to make it all one color.

The frame is brushed steel. UL listed with a six foot cord. Takes five 25 watt candelabra bulbs, total wattage 125.

10.5" wide base x 72" high.