Brickwood Smokeless Real Flame Fireplace

Brickwood Smokeless Real Flame Fireplace
Item# 2000

Product Description

Brickwood Smokeless Real Flame Fireplace
50"W x 46"H x 14"D.

An extra large fireplace... faux brick surrounds the firebox and a large mantel is held by decorative supports, fluted side panels, and inset panels.

No permanent installation or venting needed- set it against the wall, against wallpaper, even over carpet. Move it from room to room as desired.

Since there is no chimney or vent, you can only burn smokeless items-- gelled alcohol fuel, or candles if heat is not desired. Firebox is rated to 10,000 btu so it can handle up to three cans of fuel burning at once. Gel fuel throws off quite a lot of heat, but the fireplace is not designed as a heat source except in emergencies; it is primarily a beautiful decorative focal point for your room, with the added benefit of a fun real fire from time to time.

The gel fuel makes quite a nice big yellow flame, with realistic crackling sounds. The cans are well hidden behind the log. To turn off the flame, put the lid back on the can and save it to reuse later.

The fireplace ships in two boxes. Large panels are preassembled already, and you set them up and attach them to each other (phillips screwdriver needed, but holes are predrilled). Then you slide in the steel firebox and you are done. The first time you put one together allow up to an hour... if you've done it before it takes about 20 minutes. Assembled weight is 131 pounds including painted concrete log. To move the mantel from room to room simply remove the log first and then it's quite manageable.

Quality is quite good and we have never yet encountered an assembly problem in the store; but if there is an issue with a part, each piece is individually numbered and a replacement can be sent without having to return and reship the whole fireplace.

Price includes firebox, fireplace grate, stone log, lava rock and two free cans of fuel. Designed in America, manufactured in Guatemala from solid pine and steel.

Popular accessories include the decorative screen kit, a magnetic tool that holds the lid and makes it easier to close the can when it's burning, a case of gel fuel and a decorative branch candle holder.