Michael Breyette Originals Available

Michael Breyette Originals Available
Michael Breyette is a self taught artist who was raised in rural upstate New York. He began drawing at a very early age and often mixed both female and male imagery in order to blend in to society’s norm. He worked outside the art world for the U.S. Post Office and only began developing his art full time after moving to the “more open atmosphere” of Massachusetts, where he has been successful in supporting himself exclusively through his art sales of male homoerotic imagery.

Working with soft pastels, Michael achieves the smooth blending qualities of oils without the excessive drying time. He likes the “hands on” effect of the pastels and is inspired by the both the sexuality, beauty, and expression of his subjects, which he depicts in scenes ranging from cowboys to leather daddies to swimmers. His work has been featured in international magazines such as Blue, Gayday, Manner Aktuel, on book covers, and featured in “Stripped,“ an anthology of contemporary homoerotic artists.

Michael Breyette's images are available in a variety of sizes and formats.

You can purchase the original pastel artwork for all the images in this section.

Limited edition prints are hand numbered and signed by the artist.

There are three sizes of prints: the smallest is 8-1/2x11 inches, and is priced at $29 for open editions, or $33 for limited editions.

The medium sized print is 13x19 inches and is priced at $44 for open editions or $50 for limited editions.

The 8-1/2"x11" and 13"x19" prints are produced on archival velvet fine art paper.

The largest prints are roughly 18x24" (or exactly the size of the original pastel), and are produced at full original size on Somerset Velvet Paper with UltraChrome K3 pigment inks for more accurate and vivid colors. They are then treated with a moisture resistant, archival safe UV protection coating, extending their color rating to 150+ years.

Please email us at info@lgthings.com if you'd like additional detail shots of any image.