Unique Doorbell Ringers by Michael Healy

Michael Healy Doorbell Ringers
Michael Healy's sculptural doorbell ringers are beautiful three dimensional sculptures that are hinged over a backing plate with an included doorbell button. You push on the sculptural cover to ring the doorbell.

Sometimes customers ask "will my guests know it's a doorbell?" We find that once it's installed in the appropriate spot on a door frame, they are recognized and used appropriately.

To install, you should have an existing doorbell. You take the wires off that one and switch them onto this one. The Healy doorbell ringers do need a small space for the button to recess into the wall so you may have to slightly enlarge the hole where your wire comes out of the wall to allow the back of the button to fit.

We show a penny in each picture to help give you a sense of scale.

Many of the Healy doorbell ringers have complimentary door knockers if you want to do a set for your door.